TEFL Teachers Are Playing Major Roles In NGOs Of Cambodia

8th June 2022


But it has been observed numerous times that English teachers are going beyond teaching in schools are other academic institutions. ESL teachers are often opting for teaching in NGOs of Cambodia. Therefore, online TEFL course is not just providing jobs but also helping teachers to change the lives of unprivileged and deprived people. ...

Written By : Rimpa Ghosh


Your Guide To Write The Perfect ELT Resume To Get Hired

25th May 2022


An English teaching job abroad is definitely on top of every ESL teacher’s job checklist. Now to crack that ESL job, when the document is well structured there are no second thoughts and the chances of getting selected becomes higher. ...

Written By : Park Jin Ae


6 Ways To Increase Your Teaching English Online Salary

11th May 2022


If you’re a native English speaker and want to make money by helping students around the world learn English, you are at these right place as you will find here all that you are looking for! ...

Written By : Chaem Choi


How To Secure A Job After A TEFL Certification?

27th April 2022


Are you enthusiastic about teaching abroad and looking for job assistance after a TEFL certification? If so, you are at the right place where you will come across all the information and guidance to secure a TEFL job! ...

Written By : Aisha Fazura


Heads Up TEFL Teachers, Balance Your Work-Life Now

19th April 2022


Maintaining a good work-life balance is absolutely necessary. An English teacher having a TEFL certificate who aspires to work abroad must know how to achieve work-life balance as a teacher. It is because TEFL courses will definitely help you fetch a job abroad and to be very honest, settling down abroad and leading a smooth life really needs a lot of adjustment skills. ...

Written By : Ashwini Chandra


5 Scientific Tips to Beat Zoom Fatigue

24th March 2022


Zoom fatigue is real & we're sharing scientifically recognized strategies to help create balance and fight off Zoom fatigue. With these strategies, you can emphasize some level of control over. ...

Written By : Rimpa Ghosh