ESL Jobs and Career

Teach English as Foreign Language Across the World

ESL denotes English as a second language. ESL educators help learners who do not speak English to comprehend the language and use it as the medium of communication effectively. If you are keen on traveling and meeting new people across cultures, exploring an ESL career is surely an intriguing option for you.

Now more than ever, the field of ESL teaching is experiencing a soaring demand. There are over 40,000 ESL schools across the globe. The UNESCO Institute for Statistics says by 2030, we need 69 million new teachers. Besides, the online platform too has made its way to the top with English language learners coming from various parts of the world. There are mainly two types of online ESL teaching jobs –

  • ESL Teachers who can teach bilingual classes (proficiency in English and native language – French, Spanish, et cetera).
  • ESL teaching position for LEP (limited English proficiency) students.

ESL Job Requirements

Education A Bachelor’s Degree from any academic background
Certification Internationally recognized TEFL/TESOL certificate (minimum 120 hours program)
Work Experience Any past teaching experience or volunteer/internship can be a huge asset for ESL jobs

ACT’s Placement

Upon successful completion of the ESL TESOL certification online program, ACT provides 100% assistance to all the trainees, helping them to work as an ESL teacher in their preferred location. The placement department of Asian College of Teachers expedites in finding suitable jobs that fit right in trainees profile and aspirations. We have placed many of our trainees across India and in various parts of the world, to name a few countries in South and Southeast Asia. Not only do we help you in the job hunt, we also assist trainees with resources and vital information on how to prepare resume/CV, the tips and tricks to crack an ESL job, and several other know-how to increase your chances on the global platform.

ACT’s placement department is present at your figure tip to listen to your concerns, answer innumerable questions, and sort out problems. We are here to support your journeythroughout and prepare you to feel confident to master your teaching skills and use them to change lives.

3 simple steps that are needed to be followed –

  • Post your resume online to ensure schools and universities can view your profile.
  • Your resume and picture appear in the email that is forwarded by ACT to the institutions in the countries of your interest. Then, you are sent a variety of teaching options to select.
  • You can also publish your video resume on TESOL Café for numerous employers to see.

The TESOL Café is a valuable audio-video mode of job placement that effectively uses the network to show videos from around the world. Participants can post their video resumes on the TESOL Café site for potential employers to view their profiles. These resumes have a wider reach and more favorable results compared to the traditional mode of job search that most job seekers apply.

Highlight of ESL Career Prospect

ESL teaching comes with a wide range of flexibility with multiple options of teaching careers. Teaching in itself is a fulfilling career to live in, with ESL/EFL teaching the chances to expand one’s horizon becomes wider. An ESL classes online certificate holder has the option to enjoy amazing opportunities to meet new people and experience the cultural richness of a place.

Whether you are a fresher, an experienced teacher looking forward to travel, or someone wanting to change your career path, ESL teaching career comes with an everlasting hope of light to seal the deal of Teach & Travel. All you need is to be proficient in the English language, adaptability to adjust in a foreign land, and trust, you can do this!

Perks of being an ESL Teacher

  • Travel around the world
  • A fruitful International career
  • Opportunity to teach across age and culture
  • Health Insurance
  • Possible accommodation facility
  • Scope to work overtime to earn extra

What can a TEFL certified educator do!

School Teaching

You can work across the world in various schools. Depending upon your age group preference you can teach children and adolescents from age 3 to 16 years.

  • Elementary students
  • Middle school learners
  • High school students

As per the requirement in expertise and offer, you can work on a contract basis or as a permanent employee.

Teach in Language School

Several countries where English is not the first language have language institutes. These schools offer language courses to a wide range of learners, students, housewives, office executives, or anyone who wants to harness his/her language skills. The ESL teacher training courses are run for few months with 2 to 3 times of class sessions in a week. You can work full-time, part-time, and even freelance as a TEFL educator.

Join World of Online Teaching

The impact of technology is huge in our lives. Education has found a new mode to reach global learners by eliminating the bar of time and place. ESL teacher has found new ways to teach across the world. Online teaching has opened up a new portal for all teachers and be a part of the new shift in the educational industry. There are ample amount of opportunities to choose from, ESL educators can work independently or on a contract basis to teach online and enjoy a seaming career with the comfort of being at home.

Be a Corporate Trainer

If you have thought TEFL is only about teaching, let us pass this good news to you, expansion in the corporate world has lured people in business to use the language English proficiently. This requires personnel to understand and communicate effectively. English has already been recognized as the global language, people who want to grow in the global market need to be efficient in communication. ESL educator’s job here is to prepare individuals with communication skills and techniques of English language to ensure professional success. Corporate trainers who teach business English undoubtedly earn handsome and are in great demand in today's job market.

Voice and Accent Trainer

The BPO industry has also created a huge demand for people who can communicate clearly and effectively with people living in various parts of the world. This requires a right accent and speaks in English just like a neighbor. For this reason, ESL teachers who are proficient with the required accent and language skills are in great demand to train the operators working at BPO centers.

Soft Skill Trainer

Soft skill brings an edge to one’s professional appearance. Standing out in a crowd requires that shine in the personality to make a presence felt in the workplace. professionals who work as soft skill trainers, train people to dress correctly, present oneself, make effective small talk, prepare for interviews, cultivating good manners and other social etiquettes. This is an interesting choice of career for TEFL certified trainers to explore.

ESL/EFL teaching career is now a dream of many. Embracing life as a teacher brings joy profoundly and being able to influence students positively is a mark of a successful teacher. Spread your wings to reach worldwide to touch lives across cultures.

If you are looking for a bright career in TEFL, pursuing any of the varied TEFL courses would definitely add a feather to your cap.
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