About The Programs

Of course not, you will be assigned a tutor. He/she will guide you throughout. There are no live classes separately held (unless you opt for a webinar program). The course material is lucid to understand and it consists of videos for your reference. If you need more assistance, you can email your tutor and ask for help.

No, we do not conduct formal examinations. For all our programs, we evaluate students through assignments. You will need to submit assignments at various levels of your program. For the webinar program, you need to write the assignment given by your trainer and for online, your tutor will provide you with the assignments. You need to write them in word files and submit them.

ACT’s tutor firmly examines your assignments.If your answer lacks the grip or is not relevant to the context, they may ask you to rework your assignment. Once your assignment has been graded, you can move to the next phase of the course material.

The standard time frame for an assignment to get evaluated is 7 to 10 working days.

No, we kept the Teaching Practice optional for our online trainees. If you are a beginner in the teaching field, we suggest you go for it. You can find a school near your locality and we can provide you a recommendation/request letter to help you in getting permission from the authority to do teaching practice.

In case, you cannot complete your course with the given time frame, you can re-register by paying an additional token fee and get 3 months of extension to complete your course.

ACT receives applications from across the world. With a wider range of age, professional and cultural backgrounds,they can be people with teaching experience, working professionals, or students who have just finished their graduation. In webinar programs, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to collaborate, network, and exchange ideas.

As soon as you submit your last assignment, your tutorwill evaluate the assignments and a final evaluation will be carried out. On the basis of the assessment, you will be awarded the certificate from Asian College of Teachers. Once the assessment is complete, you will receive an email and upon youracknowledgment, the certificate will be issued. Given everything is in place, it usually takes 2-3 weeks for the certificate to get delivered. For students outside of India, time may vary in accordance with the postal delivery time.


About The Payments

Your entire course fee comprises of online study material, study guide, evaluation of assignments, certificate, and transcript (in case you reside outside of India, the postal charge is additional).

You can pay the full amount at once and avail the discounted offer running at the time, or you can opt for an installment plan by request. We accept payment through Cash, Cheque (at training center), Credit card/Debit card, Bank transfer, Online Merchant payment, Google pay, or via Western Union.

If the payment is done at the training center you will receive the receipt then and there. For online transactions, we sent a payment confirmation email, stating all the necessary information. Those people, who often need a receipt for record or taxation purposes, send them an invoice via mail.


About TEFL Jobs

At the moment, India too has good opportunities for TEFL teachers.International Schools and Language Institutes come with great scope for TEFL certified teachers. You can find jobs on full-time, part-time and can even work as a freelancer. Besides, private tutoring is very popular in India. Getting jobs anywhere is all about patience and persistence.

India or abroad, we suggest you begin your job hunt while you are pursuing your course. Don’t just wait till you complete your course. Once you are familiarized with what TEFL teaching is all about and you are confident to face the interviewer, start applying and sending your resume. Test the water and see how much response you are getting.

Salaries and other perks of the job always vary. To give you an average figure, in India, you can expect about 15,000 to 20,000 INR per month for starters. While in rest of the Asia, the starting salary is 650 euro to 2800 euro. Europe is a vast area where you can earn as high as 1455 to 3900 euro in northern regions and expect a minimum of 200 to 460 euro in the western region. In America, the central and southern regions expect about 500 to 950 euros.

No, but it’s a choice. If you have a plan to move across different parts of the world, traveling insurance can be really helpful. With an affordable rate for traveling abroad, a travel insurance policy can cover theft, baggage loss, and medical treatment as per the clause.

Well, besides your TEFL certificate, you need to prepare an updated resume, your college degree, and any other document that is relevant to show your expertise/proficiency in English. You can also add one or two reference letters to have an edge. Most importantly, prepare a small introductory video of 2-3 minute duration. This will make all the difference. You have an option to seek ACT’s placement assistance in these matters.


About Placement Assistance

No, we provide placement assistance; we do not encourage any vague promises to our students. Our placement support devotes their precious time to find the right job for you. It is a potent network that you can make use of it for your benefit. We support and guide all our trainees’ even our old alumni with resources and vital information. We are there if you need support throughout your job search, but it is in your hand to crack the job.

It is 100% placement assistance. We can help you with resume and interview preparation. The tips and tricks are integral to get the job you want. We conduct video conferencing sessions for each student pan India and address individual queries. We also conduct campus recruitment drives in different locations in India. Besides, we have our partner portal www.teachersjobworld.com. You can find TEFL jobs globally.

Yes. Once you enroll in any course, you become a part of ACT. The placement assistance is open for all our alumni for a lifetime. Just get in touch and we will be there to help you.

If you are looking for a bright career in TEFL, pursuing any of the varied TEFL courses would definitely add a feather to your cap.
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