ESL Teachers Are Handling These Complaints From Students

7th March 2022


ESL teaching on online platforms is quite interesting as you being an ESL teacher will come across various kinds of students. If you have a TEFL certificate of a TEFL course or online TEFL course then the ESL job market will be quite high. Teaching English as a foreign language to speakers of other languages will need you to handle common student complaints. Teaching skills involve handling students' grievances as well and hence English teachers (TEFL jobs) are taking care of students. ...

Written By : Park Jin Ae


Trending Tips For Newbie TEFLers

25th February 2022


Teaching English has its own perks which is why many are developing a career in this field. While preparing as a TEFL teacher is necessary, it also requires aspiring teachers to focus on their skills. Being familiar with tips can be very useful. The ESL teaching industry is known for its rapid changes. ...

Written By : Chaem Choi


Why Is Cultural Intelligence Crucial For ESL Teachers?

11th February 2022


ESL teaching is all about language. And when it comes to language, the implications of cultural understanding are its underlying factors. For starters, ESL learners come from various cultural backgrounds, teachers with cultural intelligence (CQ) can be more at ease when it comes to connecting with students and making appropriate lessons. ...

Written By : Aisha Fazura


Is Online Content Monetization Really Tough?

29th January 2022


The audience loves it when they can relate to something practical on social media irrespective of the content they are watching. Be it a meme or an emotional post, netizens go gaga when they feel that the relevance of the post is a major happening in everyday life. Similarly, language learners will also go through the full video if they find that the content is not boring or monotonous but has an x-factor that will make them glued to it. ...

Written By : Ashwini Chandra


Pop Culture, The Latest Trend In The ESL Classroom

15th January 2022


Using pop culture in teaching English is considered to be one of the most effective methods. Language learning becomes easier when students visualize and create something interesting by themselves that helps them to learn the language. Besides, an ESL teacher will find the class more engaging when the students are participating actively in any session that perfectly maps their level of interest. ...

Written By : Park Jin Ae