6 Ways To Increase Your Teaching English Online Salary

11th May 2022

Can you teach English online?

If you can, how much money can you make?

Teaching English online for money is a pretty lucrative option to earn a living and it’s becoming quite popular among both students and teachers especially after the pandemic hit the earth. An online TEFL course can be your stepping stone in your English teaching career.

With many people still depending on digital platforms for their daily jobs or learning, virtual classrooms have become the roadmap to the future. As an online ESL teacher, you could be making a handsome amount of money by giving language lessons to all those who may not have any access to it otherwise. Moreover, these companies offering online TEFL and ESL courses provide additional perks and benefits to online teachers. For example, they provide the students the flexibility to pursue the course at their own time and at their own pace, with the extra benefits of tutor-led online seminars. You’ll also get access to a free guide and free classroom resources so that you’re prepared to start teaching.

Whether you’re looking to earn some extra bucks or a full-time job opportunity, you can earn good money by teaching ESL online. You can find several online teaching companies paying teachers on an hourly basis and you are trying to know how to land on the high end of that. Or, if you want to become a freelance online English teacher, you need to be aware of the factors that influence how much students are willing to pay for classes with you?

Here are a few strategies that will help you maximize your earnings by teaching English online!

How much can I make teaching English online?

This is a common question posed by all those who are looking for a career in online teaching. When you choose a career in Teaching English online, your earnings will depend on various factors like the experience you have gathered, performance, qualifications, and other similar factors.

If you are not experienced as a teacher and also lack a TEFL or other certification, you are most likely to earn around $12-15 per hour. If you are experienced or have a certification, or nail the interview, you could increase your earnings to at least around $25 per hour!

How to make the most of your teaching English online salary?

1. Improve your earning potential

Start by preparing yourself to become the ideal candidate for teaching English as a foreign language online. Companies are going to pay more for teachers who are experienced, who are TEFL certified, and who have great interview skills.

2. Choose the right company

There are a few things you should remember while searching for jobs in English teaching companies. If you want to increase your teaching salary and also looking for a good experience, you’ll have to find a business that offers regular promotions, flexible scheduling, and a contract that suits your needs.

3. Budgeting and location

Like any other job, you would look to survive on the salary you draw by teaching English online. Many companies will give you a breakdown of how much you can expect to earn in the first few months of teaching. Another choice you have is living abroad and working for US dollars. Exchange rates may be in your favor as the cost of living in other countries may be lower!

4. Performance and promotion

Teaching English as a foreign language online may look like a lucrative career option but it is also a challenging one, where there will be a learning curve. That is the reason why many companies will offer you a trial period to evaluate how much you improve.

5. Maximizing your time

If you want to increase your earning potential, you should stop avoiding cancelations or scheduling your classes when you are already aware of the time you have to prepare, and be ready to solve the queries of students who have many questions. You should also be updated with the company’s payment and bonus policies.

6. Expanding your network

Once you have already established your career in Teaching English Online and have some great reviews from your students and parents, you should start sharing them! You can bring those reviews to the attention of your supervisor, or even share them externally to promote your company. By this method, you can draw some attention to your great work and increase your earning potential.

By Teaching English online, you can not only influence lives around the world but also enhance the language skills of your students and increase their potential as a teacher. The world is yours to explore through teaching English online!

Written By : Chaem Choi

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