Travel Abroad Checklist: 7 Things To Remember Before Moving To Another Country

20th December 2023

So, you are planning to move to another country, but have you thought of everything you need before you go?

Well, guess not. Teaching English abroad can be an exciting and life-changing experience with convenient online TEFL courses, but it also has its fair share of troubles when not prepared right. Since you will be moving to a whole different country there are certain nitty-gritty details that you will need to know to turn your dreams into reality. If you are ready to know what they are, here you go.

Factors To Consider Before Moving To Another Country

To make your life abroad easier and more organized, here are 7 things you need to include in your checklist before planning the move:

1. Understand Visa Requirements

To live, work, or study overseas for a period longer than six months, you may require a visa. Therefore, make sure you are eligible for a visa and are aware of all the requirements by visiting the immigration website of your destination country before arranging any travel.

You might also choose to work with a registered migration agent if you need assistance with obtaining a visa. These individuals are experts in immigration law and can finish your visa application, assist with document preparation, and offer guidance all along the application process.

2. Figure Out If You Are Eligible To Work

It is not legal for someone to work full-time in a country just because they have been granted a visa to reside there. You need to first understand if you are granted a student visa or a work visa. It’s okay if you are going with a work visa but if it’s a student visa be sure to know the rules.

Many student visas have an hourly wage cap. You should be able to work full-time if you don't have a student visa. But before you can, in a lot of places, you have to apply for a social insurance number, or something similar.

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3. Create A Budget

It is advisable to have some savings before relocating to another nation. Depending on the type of visa you're applying for and the nation you're moving to, you may occasionally need to include evidence of your savings with your application.

It could be more expensive to live abroad and takes longer than expected to find employment, so it's crucial to have some cash saved up to ease the transition. You will also need to open a bank account when you get there. You can usually do this online. Some banks even offer credit cards to help establish credit history and have accounts especially made for new customers.

4. Find Your Accommodation

Finding a place to live can be one of the most thrilling aspects of relocating overseas. If you're relocating on a work visa, your new employer may be able to assist you in locating temporary housing.

Similarly, if you're going overseas to further your studies, your university ought to provide housing alternatives for overseas students, like dorms or other homestay arrangements. Joining local housing Facebook groups is also a great idea, as people post their houses or apartments for long-term or short-term rental.

5. Get All The Required Documents

In addition to your passport and visa, you might also need other documents, depending on where you're moving. This could be your educational documents, an official record of vaccinations, or a criminal history check. Make sure to inquire about any additional requirements from the embassy or consulate of your new home nation.

When relocating overseas, you should also make sure you have all the required information on hand. All of these things should be kept in a secure location for easy access when needed. Lastly, it's important to ensure that every single document is up-to-date to avoid any complications

6. Apply For Insurance Or Healthcare

Even though your destination country provides universal healthcare to its citizens, you might not be automatically eligible for health coverage there. Always find out what your rights are when it comes to healthcare.

You can do this by contacting the local government of the nation you are visiting. It's crucial to look into any potential mental health services once you get there. Your university might provide counseling services on campus if you're a student.

7. Learn The Local Language

Even though you might not be able to learn the language of your new home country by the time you relocate, it is still advantageous to acquire as much as you can. The transition will go more smoothly if you are aware of the most frequently used phrases. Furthermore, if you're still looking for work, having a solid command of the language will probably help your chances of landing a job.

Prospective employers frequently show a greater preference for applicants who speak the language natively. You will have a higher chance of establishing friends in your new community if you learn the language. When someone tries to become fluent in their language and culture, people are frequently more accepting.

Get Ready For The Move

By keeping these things in mind you can build a foolproof plan for moving abroad. Making your travel plans in advance will help you feel less stressed and get started as soon as you get there. So, if you have finished your in-class, online, or Live Online TEFL Course, make sure to include these considerations in your checklist to make life abroad much easier.

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Written By : Sanjana

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