Ensure Your Student's Success: Fun And Entertaining Ways To Make Your English Lesson Engaging

18th October 2023

In today’s digital world, where every child has access to the internet they prefer to gain any kind of knowledge from the internet itself rather than relying on an orthodox way of gaining knowledge. According to upskillwise.com survey, it has been found out that 70% of the students agree that online learning is more effective than traditional learning.

traditional learning
Source: upskillwise.com

Because of this online learning trend, there’s huge opportunity has been created for teachers who are looking for an opportunity of teaching English online. However, the main challenge that teachers face is to keep them engaged while they’re teaching their lessons.

No need to worry, because we have shared some of the fun and entertaining ways to teach your English lesson, which will keep your students engaged.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

1. Simon Says

Simon Says is one of the classic games which have been used to draw student's attention to a particular activity. You can incorporate this game virtually as well which involves physical movements and activities which will make learning more fun.

You can give simple instructions to each student such as, “Touch your ears” or “Raise your right hand”, while they’re mirroring each other.

You can decide whether to increase the speed or slow down your instruction to challenge the reflexes of students and their listening skills in English at the same time.

Remember, to mention that when you say Simon says, then only they perform any particular action.

2. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

There’s no better activity than hosting a scavenger hunt virtually which is fun and at the same can work as an ice-breaker. You can give instructions and some clues to your students to find any particular images, websites, or words with the help of the internet. Students can find individually or in-group let it be their choice.

Additionally, to make it more interesting you can reward the winner of the game by giving digital badges.

3. Create World Travel-Themed Lessons

Individual of all age likes to travel and explore different countries, so why not take advantage of this and incorporate world travel-themed lessons into your virtual class. You can pick any country and you can introduce its cultures, traditions, and less-known facts during your online lesson.

To make it more engaging you can play the traditional music of that country in the background and discuss that country's famous landmarks and you can even teach some local phrases to them as well. This experience will broaden your student’s global perspective as well in the process.

4. Digital Memory Games

Adapt traditional memory games to the digital format and incorporate them into your online English lessons. Show a series of images or words, and challenge your students to remember and recall them in the correct order. You can also play games like "Which cup is the ball under?" or "Guess the name of the image on the card." These activities improve memory skills and concentration while making the lessons more interactive.

5. Play 20 Questions

The game of 20 Questions is a classic guessing game that can be adapted to suit different lesson topics. Choose a category relevant to the lesson, such as animals, food, or famous people. Have one student think of an item from that category while the other students ask yes-or-no questions to determine what it is. This game promotes critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and vocabulary expansion.

6. Use Props

Props are powerful visual aids that can enhance your online English lessons and make them more interactive. Invest in a variety of props that can be used across genders, ages, and skill levels. Props can include flashcards, real objects, or even virtual props displayed on the screen. Use props to introduce new vocabulary, illustrate concepts, or create engaging activities that require hands-on participation.

7. Host a Q&A Session

If you have multiple students in your online class, organize a Q&A; session where each student asks another student a question. This activity encourages active listening, critical thinking, and effective communication. You can provide a list of questions or allow students to come up with their own. Encourage them to ask open-ended questions that require more than a simple "yes" or "no" response.

8. Show and Tell

Bring back the traditional show-and-tell activity in an online format. Assign a theme or topic for each session and ask students to bring an item related to that theme. They can share the item with the class and present 3 to 5 sentences about it. This activity improves speaking skills, boosts confidence, and allows students to learn from each other's experiences and interests.

Make Your Online English Lesson Fun

Gone were the days of the traditional way of learning and teaching, it changed drastically and it got overshadowed by the introduction of e-learning especially after the pandemic. This creates a huge opportunity for TEFL teachers to teach English to global learners. However, the major challenge that every teacher faces is to keep every student engaged while teaching an English lesson.

Those teachers who have pursued courses like online TEFL course, know multiple ways to keep their students engaged with their way of teaching. Furthermore, we have also shared multiple fun and entertaining ways to engage students while you’re teaching English lessons. With a little creativity and enthusiasm, you can create an enjoyable and effective online learning environment that fosters language acquisition and student participation.

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Written By : Abhishek

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