6 Ways Experiencing Teaching Abroad Can Enhance Your Career Prospects

28th August 2023

In this fast-paced and globalized world, English has become the language of communication that binds all nationalities and cultures together. This is why teaching English abroad has become a popular option among many education aspirants. However, even if you don't plan to be a teacher forever, teaching abroad or instructing online can teach you valuable skills for today's jobs. The best part is how quickly you grow these skills while abroad.

You feel that your life might have taken an accelerated turn, thereby promoting fast growth of your skillsets for your intended career. On that note, let's explore six ways teaching abroad helps you grow, even beyond the classroom.

6 Valuable Skills Teaching Abroad Can Help You Gain

If you are wondering if teaching abroad is a good idea for you, here are certain skills that you can gain from your international experience that will shape your entire life.

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Take a look:

1. Transferable Skills

Being a good ESL teacher means managing time well, being adaptable, taking initiative, and solving problems. Ask any ESL teacher, and they'll tell you that quick thinking and creative solutions are key, especially in a foreign work setting. Whether you want to be a better teacher, start a business, or climb the career ladder, mastering these skills is super important. And while you're at it, you get to experience a whole new culture!

2. Communication Skills

Communication is gold when you're in a foreign place and communicating beyond cross-cultural barriers can lead to some amusing memories that you might not get to make otherwise. You will learn to communicate with students, coworkers, and parents, which hone your communication skills big time. If you only talk to people who are like you, you miss out on becoming a top-notch communicator.

3. Culture Awareness

One of the biggest perks of teaching English abroad is its cultural aspect. You get to mix with so many different cultures that you learn to become sensitive and more aware of traditions and communities. Knowing about and respecting other cultures helps you bridge gaps between different worlds in a meaningful way. Being culturally aware is a skill any employer would love. Furthermore, knowing more about the world makes you better in life and work.

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4. Networking

Networking while teaching abroad is often underestimated. Sure, you'll dive into local life, but you'll also meet people from all around the world among fellow expats. You'll get exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking, and you'll become part of a diverse community. But honestly, it takes guts to start chatting with strangers who become lifelong pals.

5. Financial Status

Teaching abroad gives you a steady income and a chance to gain international experience. Some programs let you live well and save up too. Having savings can give you the freedom to follow your passions back home without feeling the pressure of getting a job as soon as you land. Teaching abroad will not only allow you to manage your finances but also help you live comfortably even when you are not working.

6. Change Of Perspective

Teaching English abroad helps you feel like your life has a purpose, which sets a standard for your future. It shows you can make a difference and encourages you to always look for that same feeling in what you do. It's a major achievement. No matter what challenges you face later, you can think back and say, "I lived in another country for a year – I can handle this." Challenges become smaller when you remember what you've achieved. Being a foreigner in a new place makes you appreciate simple things like the taste of fresh food or a friendly smile. This stays with you and reminds you to enjoy the moment, wherever you are.

Build Your Dream Career With The International Exposure

So, teaching English abroad isn't just about the classroom. It's about learning skills, embracing new cultures, making friends from around the globe, and setting the stage for a purposeful life. When you have completed an in-class or Live Online TEFL Course, teaching abroad acts like a shortcut to personal and professional growth that stays with you forever. In addition, it gives you several anecdotes and stories that you carry with you and make memories all around the world.

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Written By : Sanjana

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