TEFL As A New Approach To Teaching English In Resorts And Hotels Around The World

28th July 2023

The demand for English teachers with experience in the hospitality industry is growing rapidly. This presents an excellent opportunity to explore how to secure these niche positions. Many new TEFL teachers come from a background in restaurants or hospitality, making them highly qualified to teach in this field. Their familiarity with the ‘service mind’ and prior experience in the hospitality service industry set them apart from other teachers.

However, the question that often crosses your mind is how you get a job in a resort or hotel. Read on to get answers to all your queries.

Do Hotels and Resorts Advertise Teaching Positions?

Most hotels and resorts do not bother advertising their English teaching positions. Why? If they do, they often face an overwhelming number of applicants from overseas. While these applicants may be enthusiastic, they are often unwilling to attend interviews or commit to the job. Additionally, backpackers may knock on their door seeking quick cash without genuine interest in the position.

To illustrate this point, let's take the example of LeMeridien Resort on Phuket Island in Thailand. A few years ago, they advertised a teaching position and received over 60 applicants. However, only a handful of them were willing to travel to Phuket for an interview, and ultimately, only three candidates showed up. This example highlights the challenges faced by hotels and resorts when advertising teaching positions.

Strategies to Find Niche Jobs

One common question is, ‘How do I get a job in a hotel or resort?’ The truth is, these positions are rarely advertised due to various reasons. Now that you understand why these jobs are not commonly advertised, let's explore effective strategies for securing niche teaching positions in hotels and resorts.

  • Direct Applications

To increase your chances of finding a job, take your resume and apply directly at five-star hotels and resorts. If you cannot reach the HR manager, leave your resume at the front desk in a professional envelope addressed to the General Manager. By doing this, you ensure that your resume reaches the right hands, and the HR manager is more likely to follow up.

  • Target Five-Star Hotels and Resorts

Focus on applying to five-star hotels and resorts, as they prioritize excellent customer service and recognize the importance of strong English skills. Some international chains with four-star establishments may also hire English teachers due to their emphasis on effective communication. However, it is advisable to avoid lower-tier establishments that prioritize English language skills over professional training.

  • Make a Professional Impression

When applying for a job in a five-star hotel or resort, it is essential to present yourself as a professional. Pay attention to your appearance and dress appropriately for the environment. Men should wear long-sleeve shirts and ties, even in hot tropical climates. While the dress code may be more relaxed once you secure the position, making a good first impression is crucial.

  • Showcase Your Professional Attitude

Approach your initial contact with confidence and a pleasant demeanor. Remember, you will be teaching staff members how to greet and interact with guests in English. Your ability to tactfully handle situations where guests may be unhappy will be highly valued. Demonstrating professionalism during your first interaction will leave a lasting impression.

Beautiful Places Waiting For You

Teaching English in hotels and resorts offers some of the best opportunities for teachers looking to work overseas. However, these positions are often not advertised due to the challenges faced by employers when dealing with a large number of applicants. But even before you start applying you need to first gain at least 120 hours or even better a 400 Hours International TEFL P.G Diploma Course for better opportunities. By applying directly to five-star establishments, maintaining a professional image, and emphasizing your hospitality experience, you can increase your chances of finding rewarding teaching positions in the hospitality industry. Research and seek out these niche jobs for a fulfilling teaching experience in some of the world's most desirable locations.

Written By : Sanjana

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